Political Traction 011: Leadership Races

The thing about politics in Canada, it’s a very small place. If you’re a member of a party growing up, the chances are you’ve known this person a long time, that you’re now running against.
— Will Stewart

It’s a race, a race!

Ottawa is still abuzz with the results of the NDP Convention and the NDP is now looking for a new leader, and so, this week it a number of our issues blended together. As sometimes happens with politic, and any major issues really, it can be difficult to distinguish where one ends and another begins. So our top issue for the week is really an amalgamation of a few topics: the NDP convention, Rachel Notley’s response to the Leap Manifesto, and pipelines.

Allie talks with David to break down our top issue and our other two topics coming out of Ottawa. Then, we hear from Will Stewart.

Will is a regular on Political Traction. He is a Managing Principal at Navigator and founding Principal at Ensight. With the NDP and the Conservatives both looking for new leaders, Allie gets the breakdown on leadership races from Will – how they function, what makes them different from general elections, and who he’s excited to watch from both parties.