Political Traction 009: Open and Transparent

It’s more a difference in interpretation of how they’re presenting the numbers than any sort of error or lack of thought of what’s gone into the budget.
— politicaltraction.fm

Big news from last night! Tom Mulcair is officially out as the leader of the NDP. In order to give due attention to this change, we will be providing a special update on the NDP leadership vote later tonight, rather than covering it in this episode.

For this instalment of Political Traction, we’re talking about transparency. Over the past week, the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) released a less-than-happy review of the Liberal government’s first budget and the Panama Papers have everyone talking about tax havens and accountability.

Allie and David go over what Ottawa’s saying on the PBO, the Panama Papers, and the US Election and then Allie talks with Colin MacDonald.

Colin is a Senior Consultant at Navigator, and he has served as senior policy advisor to several Ontario cabinet ministers across a variety of ministries. He was also director of policy for one of the candidates for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party during the party’s 2012-2013 leadership contest.

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