Political Traction: No More Debates

We are back this week with our regular format and our regular panel. Both Colin MacDonald and David Woolley join Allie to talk about health care transfers, carbon tax, and the presidential debate.

Provincial Health Care Transfers

The provincial and territorial ministers continue to be unhappy with federal health care transfers. In the ongoing debate over funding, most provinces feel like the government should increase funding and leave them alone to decide how is should be spent. Like with most national issues, the arguments revolve around whether provinces are best at deciding how to manage their own policies, or if the federal government should step in and ensure that resources and money are allocated equally across the country.

Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott met with provincial and territorial ministers on Tuesday to continue discussions, but many left the meeting still feeling like the government is imposing.

Carbon Tax

It’s a tax! A tax! The Liberal government is still being criticized by the opposition for what the conservative party is labelling an unnecessary levy. This week, carbon was mentioned with taxes for music lessons and small businesses, furthering the opposition party’s narrative that Trudeau’s liberals love to spend and have lost touch with the average Canadian.

Premiers continue to oppose the tax for various reasons. Both Brad Wall and Rachel Notley have come out against it – although our panel has suspicions that Brad Wall’s opposition might be more ideologically and opportunistic than it is policy-driven. Notley has stated that she won’t support carbon pricing until the federal government has made some headway on pipelines…but there’s no word on how that’s going yet.

The Presidential Debate

The third and final debate has finally come and gone…and while people can be relieved that it’s over, there’s still that whole election thing that has to happen. Trump was uncharacteristically restrained for the first 30 minutes before reverting back to his old self and giving everyone the soundbites they have come to expect – not the least of which was that he won’t respect the democratic process if he doesn’t win.

All of the campaigning and debating seems to have people down in the dumps. Over the past week a number of compilation videos of Barack Obama’s time in office and of Michelle’s most recent speech have floated around the Internet with wistful comments. In light this campaign, many are wishing both of them could stick around for four more years.