Our favourite political podcasts

Parliament is on a break this week so we are taking the off week to talk to you about our favourite podcasts.

This week, I join Allie in front of the microphone. It’s probably no surprise that since we make a podcast, we have some strong feelings and opinions on the podcasts we listen to.

Our podcast is not the only one talking about Canadian politics: some of the others also in the game are Canadaland CommonsMaclean’s on the HillCBC’s The House, and The Strategists. But we figure if you’re listening to us, you’ve probably already come across these ones before, so we want to share some others with you.

I'm a former political staffer and a general political junkie, so my favourite shows speak to my experiences. I break down FiveThirtyEight’s episode on Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech from his 2008 campaign. The episode talks about how the now historic speech came about, and how Obama’s team handled the crisis that preceded it.

I also talk about my new favourite show Candidate Confessional. The podcast goes behind the scenes to talk about political defeat and we look at the episode on Mitt Romney’s 2012 run for the White House. I talk about why I think Stu Stevens, Mitt Romney’s senior strategist, is worth listening to on the highs and lows of political campaigning.

Allie found a new favourite Canadian podcast. She’s a big fan of The Globe and Mail’s new show, Colour code. The podcast talks about something that Canadians tend to shy away from: race. Looking at Canadian issues, examples, and speaking with Canadian experts and Canadians themselves, it’s a refreshing look at our history, our policies, and our perceptions on “multiculturalism.” Allie talks about the two most recent episodes – First Comes Love and 2Legit – and how they relate to her – both personally and professionally.

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