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My first Irish Stout: The Tasting

This post comes a day late, yesterday being the best day to enjoy an Irish Stout, of course. While we may be a day removed from St. Paddy’s Day, the weatherman is predicting a big winter storm for tomorrow — a fitting evening to enjoy a dark beer. I brewed this batch in early February, and the timing was quite good. The beer has had ample time to condition in the bottle, and the results are delicious. This is arguable the best home brew I’ve made yet. The recipe is an absolute keeper.

Now, on to the tasting notes!

Style: Stout
Colour: Very dark brown
Nose: Nutty and sweet
Taste: Notes of roasted nuts and barley. Sweet start with a pleasantly bitter finish. Mild, almost non-existant after-taste.
Tasting profile: (10-point scale, from low to high in profile, not quality)

  • Alcoholic: 4/10
  • Malty: 4/10
  • Bitter: 6/10
  • Sour: 4/10
  • Spicy: 6/10
  • Floral: 2/10
  • Fruity: 2/10
  • Toffee: 6/10
  • Roasted: 8/10
  • Chocolate: 6/10

Opinion: As I said above, this is the best home brew I’ve made (yet). It tastes like an improved Guinness: a touch more bitter, but with a more pronounced nuttiness. I’d happily drink more than one pint if it was offered to me at the pub.
Rating: 4/5 stars


  1. Sorry but ye cannot improve on Guinness.

    • Joseph

      March 23, 2013 at 8:27 pm

      Look, Guinness is one fine beer, but it’s quite possible to enjoy a slightly different stout 😉

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