Political Traction 017: What Do You Do With A PM Once He Stops Being PM?

Parliament was on break this week, but lots still happened. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Japan for the G7 Summit – where he managed to fit in some anniversary time with his wife – and both the Conservatives and the Liberals held their conventions over the weekend. On top of that, there was media speculation that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to resign his seat in the House of Commons.

Allie and David talk about these issues and the last bit of news on Elbowgate 2016, and Allie talks with regular on the show, Will Stewart, about Stephen Harper and his possible career outside of politics.

Political Traction 016: Elbowgate 2016

‘Twas the elbow felt around the nation. On Wednesday, May 18, 2016 there was an event of epic proportions in the House of Commons…kind of. Elbows were misdirected. Words were thrown. Insults abounded. And we are all left to consider the aftermath.

In this week’s episode, Allie and David discuss the incident in the House of Commons that resulted from rising tensions over Motion 6 and what is being considered the government’s attempts to curtail debate. Allie also talks with Randi Rahamim on the event and the NDP and Conservative parties’ response.

Political Traction 015: Whose Money is it Anyway?

Lately the government has been getting some heat for how it is spending taxpayer money – specifically with the size of the delegation Justin Trudeau took to the state dinner in Washington. Is the Liberal government spending money inappropriately?

This week, Allie talks with regular Colin MacDonald about this issue and about our Canadian “First Lady.” Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau requested extra assistance to help with her engagements as the Prime Minister’s spouse, which has resulted in some outrage, and Allie and Colin talk about why that is.

First World Problems

Every now and then, our favourite sites go down. Completely off the grid. And when they do, we lose it. We hop on Slack and ask our colleagues if they’re experiencing it too. Just to confirm, for sure, that Facebook is down, we might even step outside our office to check that’s it not just us, that we’re not losing our minds. Of course, by today’s standards, we’re not losing our minds. It’s completely natural for us to have a casual freak out when the Internet breaks. For better or for worse, we’re hooked. And why not? There’s literally a world of information, distraction, and entertainment available to us at a swipe of a finger or a click of a button. It’s empowering to know that whenever we need an answer to something—anything— we can whip out our smartphone and find it, pretty much instantly. We do it so much and at such high frequencies that the moment the Internet is down for a minute, we’re completely thrown for a loop. We panic. We get frustrated. We seek confirmation. And if it progresses beyond 5 minutes, we look at our screens with a blank stare, waiting – waiting for it to come back on so we can get our daily fix of our friends’ photos, see how our stocks are performing, and read the latest celebrity gossip rags. The Internet puts us in control; when we don’t have it, we’re at a loss.

Introducing Political Traction, The Podcast

After weeks of planning, recording and testing, we’re proud to launch Navigator’s first podcast, Political Traction. We created Political Traction to assess how much traction political leaders, pundits, and media get with the people they’re trying to reach: people like you. Every week, we look at the top political issues being discussed in Ottawa and assess how much they resonated with Canadians across the country. Our first three episodes are now live on our new website, politicaltraction.fm, on Soundcloud, or on iTunes.

The Benefits of Brewing Your Own Beer

If you’re interesting in becoming a craft brewer but are sitting on the fence, maybe these benefits will convince you to join the home brew movement. Let’s get right to it! Here are eight benefits of brewing your own beer.

#1. Make amazing beer

Your beer is hand crafted, and if you’re already thinking of becoming a brewer, chances are you care deeply about the quality of your beer. It’s that care that will help you brew spectacular beers.  You can use ingredients that commercial brewers simply can’t because you don’t have to worry about mass production, or making recipes that will sell to a large enough customer base. You can brew the beer you want to taste, regardless of how many different types of ingredients you want to use.